Who am I?

have been working as a professional software developer for over 8+ years since graduated. And as a freelance developer I've racked up experience of 11 years in a wide variety of application development especially in web technologies.

What I Do?

System Programming

Web & UX Design

App Development

SEO & Digital Marketing

Things I Love


I’ve been fascinated by computer programming. For many years I never thought of why I enjoyed it so much – I just knew I did.


It’s something that can be done in millions of different little ways which makes it such a personal and unique way to express myself that I can’t do elsewhere.


It helps me learn and helps my imagination. It entertains me from time to time, and most books give you advice in life. I just love doing it.


I love making music it makes me feel pleasant, happy and free. I can convey my emotions in my music and let my imagination run wild.


I love watching movies it allow me to escape into another person’s life and experience situations I wouldn’t normally experience.


I love to travel because it allows me to learn and to love other cultures, marvel at beautiful landscapes, and value what I have.

My Thoughts

How & Where To Find Me


Hyderabad, India



I am also grateful to my readers and followers. Knowing that I have inspired you in some way will brighten my day.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

-- Vijaya Sekhar M