Books: Programming Interview


Interviews can be quite daunting leading to panic in everybody’s mind as the results have loads of implications for one’s life. The panic can be controlled if the interviewee has done a bit of preparation for the interview. Here are some must read books to help you get prepared for a face to face interview in the best possible manner.

Book Name Author Publisher
Crack the Coding Interview Gayle Laakmann Careercup
Programming Interivews Exposed John Mongan, Eric Giguere, Noah Kindler John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Algorithmic Puzzles Anany Levitin, Maria Levitin Oxford University Press
Elements of Programming Interviews Adnan Aziz, Tsung-Hsien Lee, Amit Prakash
The Google Resume Gayle Laakmann, Mcdowell John Wiley & Sons, Inc
How would You Move Mount Fuji?? William Poundstone Little, Brown and Company
Coding Interviews Questions, Analysis & Solutions Harry He Apress
Introduction to Algorithms 3rd Edition Thomas H. Corman, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald l. Rivest, Clifford Stein The MIT Press, Cambridge
The Algorithm Design Manual Steven S. Skiena Springer
Programming Pearls Jon Bentley Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

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