Miss You Dad..!!!

Words can not express what I feel right now…
You never said “I’m leaving”..
You never said “goodbye”..
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knew why..
I know you are a good painter..but why you painted black on our family canvas..
You choose to be my dad..
You were my hero, the strongest man I have ever or will ever know..
My iron-man..
I remember little things now, and big things…
How you could fix anything, and whenever I asked you to fix something, a remote, a toy, my heart..
But now, you are no more to fix my things.. I miss you Dad..
I missed your smile..
I missed your hug..
I missed your support..
I missed the smell after your shave..
I missed your eyebrows which were crazy out of control..
I missed your hair..
And I know how you loved us..
And I know how you loved me..
Do you know how proud you made me when you fight with your health problem???
You were so strong Dad..
And You were the strongest man I’ve ever seen..
How can I let you go? How can I stop wishing with every piece of me that I could somehow get you back.
Just one more day..
Just one more hour..
Just one more minute..
Just one more hug…
I know that you are in my blood, literally, I carry you with me….
but I need a hug…
I need to hear your voice..
A million times I needs you..
A million times I cried for you..
But you are not with me..
At good times you are with me.. But why you left me at my bad times??
I will never forget, I swear…
I promise you I’ll carry you in my heart every day until my last breath..
And then my children will carry you through the stories I share of the greatest man to ever live. I’m so mad, Dad….
Why did God have to take YOU??
I feel guilty for thinking that, but I can’t help myself….
I know you wouldn’t want me to grieve like this, you’d tell me to not waste so many tears and that I need to smile because I have a beautiful one, but I don’t know how to smile without you, Dad…
Please come back, please…
I’m begging Dad. I would do anything to have you back, give up anything…
I’m still waiting on you to come back now. I missed stupid things…
I missed your warmth..
I missed your checking on me in the middle of the night..
I missed your care..
I missed how we used to fight..
I missed how I play with your hair..
You’re in everything Dad….
I hear your laugh in my laugh..
I see your smile in my smile…
I see your strength, love, passion in me…
I don’t know what happens when we die Dad…
but I know if a heaven does exist you must be there…
Where else would someone with such a beautiful, big and loving soul go??
I love you Dad..
I’ll make you proud Dad..
I swear it…
And i miss you so much dad..
Miss you..

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